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Comprised of a unique thermoplastic rubber compound, they’re flexible and easy to work with, yet strong and durable. Unlike the others, we have a range of thicknesses available, pre-scored for easy on-site trimming. Better yet, our 12” and longer 18” lengths give you extra options when it comes to installation because there’s no piecing together required.



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• Contains 100% post-industrial waste, which may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System, and meets FloorScore® criteria.

• Available in 48" lengths in two depths 12" (304.8mm) and 18" (457.2mm), and four thicknesses: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2".

• No waiting, no curing as is standard with the patching process. Just fast, easy leveling.

• Constructed of a durable thermoplastic rubber compound, so it’s environmentally friendly.

• Install directly over concrete, wood or steel subfloors.

• Installs easily using the recommended Roppe adhesive depending on substrate and installation type, or if rolling loads are a concern.

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> 10-Part Spec



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