December 22, 2016

rubber tile

All Roppe rubber tiles combine functionality and good looks. It’s naturally slip resistant and provides outstanding underfoot comfort and noise reduction. Choose from a variety of profiles and colors, including our new ReNew palette featuring cork-infused rubber.
December 17, 2016

flashcove prefabricated base

When hygiene matters, FlashCove™ is the only based guaranteed to perform. FlashCove™ Prefabricated Bases arrive on site with a bonded aluminum reinforcing backer that strengthens the weakest part of the base. Where site-formed bases are prone to punctures during maintenance and use, thus compromising hygiene, FlashCove™ Bases are guaranteed to stay puncture-proof for life.
December 14, 2016

envire rubber sheet & tile

Envire® Rubber Sheet and Tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability. Ideal for use in operating rooms, labs, pharmacies, classrooms, corridors, multi-purpose areas, municipal and government buildings, clean rooms, showrooms, shopping malls, theaters, convention centers, air/bus/train terminals, elevators, lobbies and stair landings.