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As a flooring company, we’re committed to supporting the needs of a setting. Our floors look good, hold up well and adhere to strict sustainability standards.
So, what happens when a space takes it up a notch and demands even more? We support it. Because when your space is extraordinary, you can’t settle for anything less.
Lifetime Wall-to-Wall Warranty

Tuflex® Spartus Flooring

No crumb rubber and no adhesives, this flooring provides ultimate durability and comfort.

Tuflex® holds up to wear, even in a variety of punishing environments. Unlike other rubber floors, Tuflex® flooring’s top and bottom layers are fused for a permanent solution that’s guaranteed not to cup, crown, buckle or discolor for the life of the floor.

Why Tuflex?
  • 100% vulcanized floor throughout its thickness ensures no cupping, crowning or buckling
  • The only rubber flooring that’s both 100% recyclable and Red List Chemical free
  • Designed to prevent injuries, Tuflex offers a unique blend of performance and stability
Protect Against Flooring Failure

Envire® Rubber Flooring

Higher static load and fewer seams, this flooring guards against indentations while still providing comfort.

ASTM F970 static load standards require a 250-lb per square inch. Envire passes at 1500 lbs per square inch. When installed in sheets, this flooring reduces germ reservoirs. And when installed with FlashCove, you get the most complete floor-to-wall coverage.

Why Envire?
  • Only rubber sheet that’s 6’ x 50’ resulting in fewer seams in the flooring once installed, creating a cleaner, quieter environment
  • Smooth profile allows for easy, fast cleaning and disinfection
  • Keeps healthcare spaces, such as operating rooms, strong & healthy
Durability That Can’t Be Beat

Roppe Rubber Stair Treads with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber

Made with Kevlar® that is also used in bullet-resistant vests, this stair tread decreases stair nosing damage.

Most slips and falls happen because of damaged stair nosing. Kevlar fibers are so tightly spun they absorb and dissipate the energy of whatever comes at them, keeping your stair noses intact longer. Protect more than your stairs. Protect your people.

Why Kevlar?
  • In testing, it showed only minor scuffing after 4,000 cycles of simulated foot traffic, regardless of shoe
  • Heat, puncture and slash resistant
  • Red List Chemical free and Green Guard Gold Certified

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