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fiesta rubber tile & tread

fiesta® rubber tile & tread A favorite of designers, Fiesta® is not only long-lasting, it’s also great looking and an excellent choice for custom projects. Fiesta® colors […]

marble fiesta rubber tile & tread

marble fiesta® Marble Fiesta® is an exciting new style that is appealing to look at while providing all of the attributes that make rubber flooring a […]

health and learning rubber tile & tread

health and learning Roppe’s new Health and Learning Rubber Tile and Tread line was developed using our most popular tile designs and patterns. A palette of […]

envire rubber sheet & tile

Envire® Rubber Sheet and Tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability. Ideal for use in operating rooms, labs, pharmacies, classrooms, corridors, multi-purpose areas, municipal and government buildings, clean rooms, showrooms, shopping malls, theaters, convention centers, air/bus/train terminals, elevators, lobbies and stair landings.