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rubber tile

All Roppe rubber tiles combine functionality and good looks. It’s naturally slip resistant and provides outstanding underfoot comfort and noise reduction. Choose from a variety of profiles and colors, including our new ReNew palette featuring cork-infused rubber.

envire rubber sheet & tile

Envire® Rubber Sheet and Tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability. Ideal for use in operating rooms, labs, pharmacies, classrooms, corridors, multi-purpose areas, municipal and government buildings, clean rooms, showrooms, shopping malls, theaters, convention centers, air/bus/train terminals, elevators, lobbies and stair landings.

spike/skate resistant tile

spike/skate rubber tile An ideal flooring for sporting and recreational areas, Roppe Spike/Skate Resistant Tile stands up to wear and heavy use. Use it anywhere damage from […]

ESD rubber static control tile

Roppe static dissipative rubber tiles dissipate static electricity in areas where static electrical discharge presents a hazard to sensitive devices, while helping to control static charges generated by the human body. Our specialized and unique manufacturing process gives our ESD rubber the qualities that make it PVC free, durable, practical and economical.