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Northern Timbers offer timeless grains and hues that complement many design styles and textures. Plus, enjoy the ease of installation with Northern Timbers new floating floor option. Available in 8 of the most popular grains and a 6" wide plank that makes a grand statement with an increased installation efficiency.




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• Premium construction offers a 10-year limited wear warranty.

• Contains 72% recycled content, 33% pre-consumer and 39% post-consumer waste, which may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System, and meets FloorScore® and CHPS criteria.

• 28 mil (.711mm) wear layer that exceeds ASTM F-1700 spec for commercial use. UV cured ceramic bead finish adds durability while resisting scratching, wear and indentation. C-Shield UV cured ceramic bead finish adds durability while resisting scratching, wear and indentation. The addition of Nano-Silver particles in the wear layer reduces 99.9% of Staph and E. coli present within 24 hours.

• Nominal 1/8" construction on glue down and 3/16" loose-lay construction helps conceal subfloor imperfections and allows for flush installation with other 1/8" and 3/16" products.

• Available in 21 colors/grains of 4" x 36" glue down planks; 8 colors/grains of 6" x 48" loose-lay planks with a straight edge.

• All colors/grains available at a Single Price Point.

020 pale maple020 pale maple 043 blanched maple043 blanched maple 021 sandy pine021 sandy pine 023 antique oak (L)023 antique oak (L) 024 golden oak024 golden oak 026 gingered beech026 gingered beech 027 tigereye zebra (L)027 tigereye zebra (L) 028 persimmon cherry (L)028 persimmon cherry (L) 029 toasted teak029 toasted teak 030 spicy cherry (L)030 spicy cherry (L) 032 copper hickory032 copper hickory 034 tanned zebra (L)034 tanned zebra (L) 035 bronzed oak035 bronzed oak 037 ash walnut037 ash walnut 038 limed red oak (L)038 limed red oak (L) 044 mocha birch044 mocha birch 039 weathered pine039 weathered pine 040 limed gray oak (L)040 limed gray oak (L).jpg 041 cocoa pine041 cocoa pine 045 steely ash045 steely ash 042 voodoo beech (L)042 voodoo beech (L)

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