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Bulletin: Disinfection Practices for Resilient Flooring Products

During this time of heightened sense of awareness regarding disinfection of surfaces, we wanted to provide up to date information regarding the disinfection of our flooring materials.

Click here for our Technical Bulletin on Disinfection of Resilient Flooring



All Excelsior adhesives have emissions certifications, which are required for LEED V4. Some of Excelsior adhesives have Floorscore certificates, and the certificate plus the Technical Data Sheet showing low VOC Content together meet the LEED V4 requirements.

The remaining adhesives have EMICODE certificates, from a German emission testing program.  The EMICODE certificates for Excelsior adhesives have EC1 Plus ratings, which meet requirements for both low emissions and low VOC content. See the Low Emission Requirements spreadsheet for more information on what requirements are met by a range of international emissions testing systems.

Low Emission Requirements SpreadSheet

Excelsior AP-520 EMICODE Certificate

Excelsior TP-620 EMICODE Certificate

Excelsior C-630 EMICODE Certificate

Excelsior FloorScore – AW-510, WB-600, EN-610, EW-710, ASD-800 & USD-810 Adhesives

Excelsior FloorScore – SP-500 Adhesive

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