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Rubber Stair Treads with DuPontTM Kevlar®
Roppe digital library
Envire Rubber Sheet and Tile

rubber stair treads
with Kevlar®

When you’ve built the toughest stair treads in the world and backed them with a 25-year warranty, ridiculous is just what you need to prove it. See the new Roppe Rubber Stair Treads with DuPont™ Kevlar® put to the test at roppe.com/ridiculous

25 Year Warranty

new Roppe
digital library

Check out our new online Roppe Digital Library. If your physical library is out of reach, or if you’re on the go, you can still have access to all the information you need on your desktop or mobile device. Open up your options for flipping through the latest specs and product selections, plus the sample order form is also just a click away.

Digital Library Folder Covers

envire® rubber sheet
and tile

Envire® Rubber Sheet and Tile was developed for use in high traffic areas that require natural resilience, exceptional wear resistance and dimensional stability. Plus, FlashCoveTM Prefabricated Bases provide guaranteed puncture-proof performance and better hygiene where site-formed bases are typically prone to punctures during maintenance and use.

red list chemical free
Envire with FlashCove Symposium Most Sustainable Product Award

new Roppe product guide

The new Roppe Product Guide is available to view online or download as a PDF. It’s your source for learning more about Roppe’s Rubber & Vinyl Flooring Systems, with new product imagery for stair treads and wall base, as well as easy-to-navigate sections featuring installation images, available colors and technical information for each product.

Roppe New Product Guide
20071tons of rubber diverted from landfills to date.

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Roppe is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, which promotes buildings that are environmentally responsible. Visit usgbc.com for details.
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