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As our nation’s landfills continue to grow, at Roppe we have done the research to find new alternatives and uses for our products once they have exhausted their use in many of our oldest schools, healthcare facilities, churches, hotels, office buildings and more!

When choosing to update a floor that is nearing the end of its traditional life cycle, you can feel confident that Roppe’s new recycling program meets your strictest requirements for sustainability by creating new and innovative products for the building industry.

The recycled rubber is chopped and cut into one of three primary products: landscaping mulch, playground surfacing or rubber crumb for athletic fields and other applications. The end product is a cost-effective rubber mulch that simultaneously promotes the environment and provides a beautiful, durable landscaping alternative or an eye-catching playground surfacing that is the cleanest and safest on the American market.

Through IMPACT, products like those shown here will be manufactured from your diverted landfill waste when you support our recycling program!

IMPACT brochure
IMPACT brochure

how the program works


1. Product should be removed from the existing installation and prepared for return shipment.

2. Although no intensive scraping to remove the adhesive is needed, removal of large pieces of glue or other subfloor debris is recommended.

3. Product should be stacked on a pallet as neatly as possible or collected in a Gaylord Container (large cardboard container). Please contact Roppe at 1-800-537-9527, ext. 4552, for approval of use for all other collection containers.

shipping preparation:

1. Be sure to shrink wrap, strap or band the skid or Gaylord Container securely for shipping.

2. Product should be kept dry prior to shipping.

3. The skid must be free of construction or demolition debris.

return of product:

1. Contact Roppe at 1-800-537-9527, ext. 4552, to make arrangements for the pick up of the product.

2. Be prepared to secure the freight payment method in advance.

3. You may contact other freight services of your choice, but payment of the freight must be prepaid.

4. Please include the project name, location and contact information so that we can send you a letter stating the amount of product diverted from landfills for

sample reclamation program

Roppe rubber product samples are now able to be returned to our vendor partner for reuse in other products that promote our shared desire to prevent landfill use.

what products can be recycled?

Pinnacle Rubber Base, AlphaBase®, Pinnacle Plus Wall Base, Rubber Corner Blocks,  Dimensions Rubber Tile, Smooth and Marbleized Rubber Tile, Raised Design Rubber Tile and Tread,  ReNew Rubber Tile and Tread, Fiesta® and Marble Fiesta® Rubber Tile and Tread, Symmetry Rubber Tile and Tread, Designer’s Choice® Rubber Tile, ESD Rubber Tile, Tuflex® Recycled Rubber Tile, and Rubber Accessories.

When you determine that you want to recycle your old flooring products, what do you do?

Please refer to this helpful guide so that you will make the right choice by choosing sustainability. This guide is designed to make you aware of all of the program parameters so you can better inform your building owners and partners during the decision making process.

recycling partner

Please contact Roppe at 1-800-537-9527, ext. 4552, for more information.

Thank you for joining Roppe in our effort to promote awareness and respect of our environment by supporting our IMPACT recycling program.

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