raised design rubber tread

raised design rubber tread

Our line of PVC free rubber stair treads is the perfect complement to flooring projects, whether in shopping malls, retail settings, government centers, hospitals or airports. Most styles offer ADA nose-compliant features. Better yet, they coordinate with our other tile designs and colors.

red list chemical free

raised design rubber tread

• PVC free, phthalate free and Red List chemical free.

• Made in the U.S.A. and meets FloorScore®, NSF 332 Gold and CHPS criteria.

• Available in 9 Profiles: Textured, Raised Circular Vantage, Raised Square, Low Profile Raised Circular, Abrasive Strip, Rib, Smooth, Diamond and Hammered design profiles. Note: Custom lengths can be ordered in 6″ increments up to 9 ft. (2.73m) in Textured, Hammered, Vantage, Square and Diamond designs.

• Safety abrasive strips standard on some product lines.  Ribbed rubber inserts and custom strips also can be added for extra traction or to aid the visually impaired.  Available with self-illuminating photo-luminescent abrasive glow strips for added safety in darkened conditions.

• Treads fully conform with ASTM F-2169, Type TS and can include an added performance compound for Oil/Grease Resistance.

• Available in all rubber tile colors that are inherent throughout the thickness of the tread and at a
Single Price Point.

floorscore scs
SCS NSF332 Gold
chps logo color
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raised design rubber tread profiles

raised circular vantage design #96 with riser and #98 without riser*
#95 hammered design with riser and #99 without riser*
#40/#41 heavy duty; #50/#51 light duty abrasive strip design
#94 raised square design*
#92 low profile raised circular design*
#93 textured design*
#97 15" extended depth vantage design*
#30 and #31 diamond design*
#60/#61 heavy duty; #70/#71 light duty smooth design*
#80 and #81 rib design*

* Abrasive strips, Ribbed or Smooth Rubber inserts can be added to rubber treads #30/31, #60/61, #70/71, #80/81, #92, #93, #94, #95, #96, #97, #98 and #99

raised design rubber tread colors


9-foot stair treads

If you have a stairway that’s oversized – with steps more than 72″ (1.83m) wide – Roppe now offers four of our most popular tread profiles; Textured, Hammered, Raised Circular Vantage (with and w/out riser), and Diamond designs, in a 9 ft. (2.73m) tread. The same colors as our standard stair treads are available, and matching 7″ (177.8mm) risers are available as well. Vinyl treads can be special ordered to 9 ft. lengths (minimum quantities apply).

rubber and vinyl treads for the visually impaired

Designed to improve safety for the visually impaired, Roppe stair treads are available with grit strips and in contrasting colors. In addition, rubber detectable warning tiles help signal changes in elevation.

grit strip colors

rubber inserts

Designed for use in our rubber or vinyl stair tread lines, rubber inserts provide a tactile surface that’s durable and easy to clean.  The low-profile ribbed surface, or smooth option, are available in 2″ strips and offered in colors that coordinate with many of our other product lines.

* Rubber inserts can be added to rubber treads #30/31, #60/61, #80/81, #92, #93, #94, #95, #96, #97, #98 and #99.

Oil Bubbles

performance compound

Roppe Performance Compound Rubber Tile is a homogenous rubber tile specifically designed for use in areas that may be subject to oil, grease and other petroleum hydrocarbons. The natural durability and dimensional stability of Performance Compound rubber make this flooring ideal for most high traffic commercial installations that would otherwise not be able to withstand contact with oil and grease.

Performance Compound is durable enough to resist abrasion, impact, scuffs, gouging, burns and most chemicals, yet is also flexible enough to ease installation. The ability to maintain Performance Compound by dry buffing, rather than using waxes or finishes, decreases the long-term maintenance costs and environmental strain due to chemical use and waste.

Roppe Performance Compound Rubber Tile is only available in our solid color palette.

ideal for:


Repair shops, quick lube facilities and automobile storage


Manufacturing facilities, refining facilities and material storage


Repair facilities, garages and equipment storage

large selection, easy to install and maintain

As easy to install as they are to maintain, our rubber stair treads are available in the same designer colors as Roppe tile and wall base and come in a large selection of finishes, textures and gauges, including our popular Roppe Raised Design profiles.