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heading It's extremely durable without sacrificing attractiveness, and very economical because it's made from PVC vinyl.




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• Thermoplastic TV vinyl base.

• Contains 10% pre-consumer waste, which may contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certification System and meets FloorScore® and CHPS criteria.

• Won’t fade, crack or chip, and holds up well under tough conditions.

• Available in standard 1/8" (3.175mm) or .080" (2.03mm) thicknesses. Standard 2-1/2", 4" & 6" heights in 4' lengths/120' per carton or 120' coils in cove or no-toe.

• Co-extruded top layer resists scuffs and scratches.

• All colors available at a Single Price Point.

no-toe.jpgno-toe.jpg standardtoe.jpgstandardtoe.jpg
100 Black100 Black / Visuelle 177steelblue177 Steel Blue/ Visuelle 150darkgray150 Dark Gray / Visuelle 616platinum616 Platinum 193blackbrown193 Black Brown / Visuelle 123charcoal123 Charcoal 114lunardust114 Lunar Dust / Visuelle 129dolphin129 Dolphin 178pewter178 Pewter / Visuelle 194burntumber194 Burnt Umber / Visuelle 148steelgray148 Steel Gray 175slate175 Slate / Visuelle 174smoke174 Smoke / Visuelle 197iceberg197 Iceberg 110brown110 Brown / Visuelle 147lightbrown147 Light Brown 619java619 Java 181russet181 Russet 182toffee182 Toffee / Visuelle 623nutmeg623 Nutmeg 624chameleon624 Chameleon 140fawn140 Fawn / Visuelle 191camel191 Camel / Visuelle 125fig125 Fig 171sandstone171 Sandstone / Visuelle 130buckskin130 Buckskin 198ivory198 Ivory / Visuelle 632flax632 Flax 184almond184 Almond / Visuelle 170white170 White 131bisque131 Bisque 629golden629 Golden 127harvestyellow127 Harvest Yellow 631sahara631 Sahara / Visuelle 622brass622 Brass 625bronze625 Bronze 124taupe124 Taupe 122natural122 Natural 633gingko633 Gingko 628shamrock628 Shamrock 195lightgray195 Light Gray / Visuelle 116moss116 Moss / Visuelle 634olive634 Olive / Visuelle 630pine630 Pine 113pistachio113 Pistachio 160forestgreen160 Forest Green 118peacock118 Peacock / Visuelle 169huntergreen169 Hunter Green / Visuelle 146turquoise146 Turquoise 606tropicalblue606 Tropical Blue 187blue187 Blue / Visuelle 154salemblue154 Salem Blue 165colonialblue165 Colonial Blue / Visuelle 139deepnavy139 Deep Navy / Visuelle 627mariner627 Mariner / Visuelle 618aubergine618 Aubergine / Visuelle 621merlin621 Merlin / Visuelle 620plum620 Plum / Visuelle 185burgundy185 Burgundy / Visuelle 137cinnabar137 Cinnabar / Visuelle 186red186 Red / Visuelle 613azalea613 Azalea / Visuelle 615cream615 Cream 626tangerine626 Tangerine 617terracotta617 Terracotta / Visuelle 188brick188 Brick 120tan120 Tan 133goldenhoney133 Goldenhoney 167spice167 Spice / Visuelle 161snow161 Snow

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