safeTcork® vinyl tile

SafeTcork® solid vinyl tile is durable, versatile and easy to maintain, and comes with the natural slip resistance of cork, now with Options! Choose from any of the standard 12 colors on a white background – in any combination of 1, 2 or 3 chip colors – and create your own tile. What else could be better than limitless options?

Bio-Based Phthalate Free

safeTcork vinyl tile

• Formulated using bio-based phthalate-free plasticizer, from a rapidly renewable resource.

• Made in the U.S.A. and meets FloorScore®, NSF332 Platinum and CHPS criteria.

• Cork content provides aesthetic appeal and may improve slip resistance when moisture is present, when tested in wet conditions using ASTM D2047.

• Available in .080” thick 12” x 12” and pre-grooved, heat weld 24” x 24” or 36” x 36” tiles for seamless installation with matching vinyl welding beads.

• Flexible enough to self-cove during installation, but can withstand extreme static rolling loads up to 2,000 psi.

• Color is inherent throughout the tile thickness and available at a Single Price Point.

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health product declaration – safeTcork vinyl tile

Roppe SafeTcork® Vinyl Tile is a resilient, homogeneous, solid vinyl tile which provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chipping, cracking and permanent indentations, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas. SafeTcork combines the durability of homogeneous vinyl and post industrial cork to create handsomely styled flooring. SafeTcork Vinyl can contribute to the LEED certification and is a great choice for use in most commercial applications. Roppe SafeTcork Vinyl Tile is formulated with Bioplasticizer and no post-consumer recycled content is used, eliminating the
possibility of contamination by ortho-phthalates. These products are manufactured without the use of toxic heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Chromium VI, or Arsenic and the PVC resin used is manufactured without using Mercury cell and Asbestos membranes. Roppe’s SafeTcork Vinyl Tile formulation is screened according to current authoritative lists and does not contain any substances of very high concern (SVHC) on the REACH candidate list or substances restricted under REACH. Click here for a PDF of the complete declaration.

PDF for HPD for Roppe SafeTcork Vinyl Tile
PDF for HPD for Roppe SafeTcork Vinyl Tile
Roppe SafeTcork Vinyl Tile Pale Fern

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vinyl welding beads

SafeTcork® Vinyl Tile is great for installations that require minimal maintenance requirements as it easily buffs to a shine with no finishes required! It’s also colorful, stylish and available in some coordinating white marble designs.

the natural slip resistance of cork

Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak Tree which has an average life span of 150-250 years. The cork is harvested in 9 year cycles. Our cork is obtained as post-industrial waste from bottle cork manufacturers who grind the gaskets into the granules that are visible throughout the thickness of SafeTcork® Rubber and Vinyl products.