Roppe is ready for hospitality


Hospitality spaces require careful and intentional design of the spaces where we take respite or celebrate events and goes beyond function to create a guest experience that brings the comforts of “home away from home” or transcends wildest imaginations. Roppe flooring can provide colorful, playfully designed floors that also support the service and operational side of these facilities.


At Roppe, we’ve teamed up with Sherwin-Williams for color trend forecasting and we’re ready to deliver on the aesthetic you are looking for.

Have a specific color you need to use to support your brand? Custom colors are always available for the perfect match. Minimum quantities may apply.

Roppe is Ready with solutions for all areas of Hospitality flooring, including these popular uses:

  • seating areas

  • guest rooms

  • meeting rooms

  • sundries shops

  • lobbies/entryways

  • reception desks

  • hallways

  • multipurpose rooms

  • storage areas

  • IT rooms

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Life cycle cost analysis

Industry studies have shown that flooring materials with a higher initial cost do not necessarily translate to a higher cost in the long run. In fact, findings indicate flooring materials with a higher initial cost will perform more cost effectively over many years.

For example, while rubber flooring may cost more initially, the cost of maintaining it is lower. And because it’s extremely durable, it lasts a very long time. So, when examining long-term costs, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership. With the right information, you can help customers control costs – not just on the initial project, but also in the long run.

(No Finish)
(No Finish)
Initial Installed cost per sf
(Material/labor only, average)
Example: Installation costs for 70,000 SF$105,000$350,000$735,000
Cost of yearly biweekly maintenance $174,465$32,863$32,863
Yearly savings for maintenance$141,602 savings$141,602 savings
Years to recover the cost of the maintenance2.5 years5.2 years

Source: Spencer Luallen, Technical Maintenance Specialist, Roppe Holding Company

“Finish” maintenance based on 2 full strip and wax per year; 2x scrub and recoat; scrub 650 sf per hour; recoat with 2 coats finish; 2 people 250 sf per hr; plus full cleaning every 2 weeks less the 4 weeks above. Cost of chemicals includes stripper 150 sf per G; first coat finish 2000 sf per G; coats 2-5 finish 2500 sf per G (5 coats figured). Cost of labor includes *2 people 250 sf per hour; 7 hrs per day (1750 sf per day). Cost of pads, mops, etc., includes 8 stripping pads, 6 scrubbing pads and 6 burnishing pads.

“No Finish” maintenance based on full cleaning every 2 weeks. Cost of chemicals includes all purpose cleaner 5000 sf per G; 300 sf per G of diluted solution, proper dilution ratio 4 oz neutral cleaner per 1G water. Cost of labor includes 1 person 1250 sf per hr, 7 hrs per day  (8750 sf per day). Cost of pads, mops, etc., includes 0 pads if using an autoscrubber w/brush attachment or 2-3 scrubbing pads, 2-3 polish pads.